Remembering Kristi

Our Love Is Eternal

Thoughts From Her Sister Paige

When I think of Kristi I think of happier times. I remember when the announcement came in 1969, I was told a new addition to the family would soon arrive. We got her room ready, we bought a new baby bed and a dresser, clothes and bottles, all the usual things that are bought when a new baby is on the way. Finally after waiting for what a 4 year old considers an eternity my new baby sister was born. I was so proud the day my parents brought her home from the hospital. I went out and knocked on the doors of all of our neighbors and led them by hand to see our new baby. Much to my mother's surprise, she suddenly had a whole house full of company. From that day on Kristi and I were very close. Even though I was too small to even pick her up I did what I could to help with her. Over the years growing up Kristi and I were "normal" kids, we played, we argued, we had lemonade stands, garage sales, plays, etc.. Kristi and I could fight but there was no way I would let anyone else get away with it. I think we got into more trouble laughing at the wrong times than anything else. We used to laugh at the table and in church and everywhere else kids are supposed to "show respect and keep quiet". We always found something to laugh about. That was the nature of our relationship as children and remained the nature of our relationship as adults. We always enjoyed each others company. Kristi was a fun loving girl, she had a big heart for animals and had one of the kindest spirits I've ever known. If Kristi had something you could be sure that she would share what she had with you. I was with Kristi when she gave birth to her daughter, we went to Lamaze classes together so I could be in the delivery room with her. It was so awesome to watch my niece come into the world. I'd already had three children of my own but had never gotten to witness a birth before. I'll never forget the sounds she uttered when she saw her baby for the first time, it sends chills up my spine. She was so overwhelmed with joy. Kristi is and was a very important part of our lives. No one could ever replace Kristi. I have a recording of her voice that I listen to on occassion, I close my eyes and imagine she's sitting right there with me again. If only I could hug her just one more time goes through my mind over and over again.

Kristi is more than a sister to me, she's my friend. Every morning when I open my eyes I think of Kristi. I always consider each day another chance to find my sister. I don't know how our family has gotten through the last few years. When this nightmare began I don't believe we ever expected this much time would pass without finding Kristi. We've just had faith in God and hoped that someone would come forward with the information we needed to find her. Mainly because it was the right thing to do.

We would like to extend our most sincere thanks to the many kind people who have shown their support, it won't be forgotten.

We want the world to know that we love Kristi and never have any intention of giving up our search for the truth. We will find out what happened to Kristi, it's only a matter of time.

Kristi age 4

Kristi Gwen O'Pry - Age 4 - 1974


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