Poem by Amy O'Pry
Sister Of Missing Person Kristi O'Pry

The loss of Her, The loss of anyone,
My sister, My blood.
So many years of uncertainty,
words could never express the sadness.

Happier she is with beaming smiles and radiant eyes of glow,
an invisible plane right before me, her scent still lingering in my soul.

Good night to you, but where are you?

Oh God!
Holding back emotions, learning to live with such agony.

My family.
An empty place, an empty space where she should be.
How do I do? What do I say? Hold back.
I still can't imagine, visions haunting my being forever.

Where is she? Where could she be?
She could be under my feet.
Oh God, mend me.

I could have walked right passed her,
I could have been down the street.
I look up at the black night's sky and say

Good night, for I know she is here with me.