Missing Person Kristi O'Pry

Friday July 13, 2007 UPDATE

The prime suspect in Kristi's disappearance has confessed to police that he killed her in July of 1996.

Memorial Page for Charles S. Martin, Jr.

Kristi Gwen O'Pry was last seen by family members in Shreveport, Louisiana on Friday July 19, 1996. She needed a ride to run some errands and because she did not own a car she asked her boyfriend's friend Eric to give her a ride. After Eric brought Kristi to run her errands they went by her sister's home to visit. They visited with Kristi's sister Paige from 7 to 8pm. Kristi and Eric left together that night and Kristi has never been seen or heard from again by family members. Eric told The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office that he dropped Kristi off at South Park Mall on Jewella Avenue in Shreveport at 8:30 that night. Detectives in charge of the case have investigated many leads but have been unable to confirm her whereabouts after she left her sister's house in south Shreveport in a white, early-model Chevrolet fleetside pickup truck with Eric Dale Mickelson. Authorities suspect foul play and family members fear the worst. Kristi's mysterious disappearance has caused her family unrelenting pain and sadness. "Kristi would never leave town without telling anyone" says her sister, Paige. "I know her too well to think she could leave her little girl."

Photo of Missing Person Kristi O'Pry

Photo of Missing Person Kristi O'Pry

Prayer Request

Please continually pray that Kristi's DNA remains are located.
We are asking that people pass on Our Prayer Request to churches, etc.

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Kristi was a kind and loving girl who is missed more than any set of words could express. She was a ray of sunshine to everyone who had the privilege of knowing her and is thought of constantly by her young daughter and the rest of her family and friends. Kristi can never be replaced.

More On Kristi's Disappearance . 1998 Inquisitor Article
Remembering Kristi, By Paige O'Pry . Poem By Amy O'Pry

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Please Report Information To:

Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office 318-929-9987

Fax Information To: 318-929-7977

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Mail Information To:
Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office
5906 North Market St - Shreveport, LA 71107-2014

Local Unsolved Cases

Missing Person Amber Michwich Loftin
20 year old Amber Loftin was last seen at The Pines Treatment Center located at 6204 Greenwood Road in Shreveport, Louisiana on or around June 15th, 2004.

Kayla Mayberry

Murdered Person Kayla Mayberry
Nineteen year old Kayla vanished from "The Wet Bar" nightclub in downtown Shreveport and was found murdered in northeast Texas two weeks later....... This 1994 murder case is still unsolved to date but is still under investigation. Kristi O'Pry and Kayla Mayberry are both from Shreveport, Louisiana (Caddo Parish).

Cory Rubio
Missing Person Cory Rubio
Cory Rubio went missing from her home located in Stonewall, Louisiana on January 27, 1999. Cory's last known location was Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, LA. She went to Barksdale to talk to her ex-husband Jesse about a child support hearing that was scheduled to take place the following day. It is not known when or if Cory ever made it off the base grounds. Cory's car was found abandoned in Shreveport. Information is being requested from individuals stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base on January 27, 1999. Someone probably witnessed something unusual or suspicious take place that night.

Kelly Wilson
Missing Person Kelly Dae Wilson
Kelly Wilson has been missing from Gilmer, Texas since January 5, 1992. She was last seen leaving work to go to the bank at 8:30pm that night. Her car was found at her work place with a flat tire. Kelly's belongings were found inside the car but the keys were missing. Gilmer, Texas is in the northeast corner of Texas, just west of Shreveport, Louisiana. Kelly is 5' 7" tall, 115 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes. DOB: May 18, 1974.

Missing Persons in Northwest Louisiana

    Bienville Parish

  • Robert Earl Davis, also known as “Mook,” 42, of Ringgold, last seen on Nov. 28, 2002, walking in the 700 block of Stateline Road five miles north of Ringgold. He has Down syndrome.

  • Caddo Parish

  • Kristi Gwen O’Pry, 36, was last seen July 19, 1996 at her sister’s house on Meriwether Road in Shreveport. She left the home around dusk to run errands with a friend who later said he dropped her off at what was then Southpark Mall and now Summer Grove Baptist Church.

  • Cory Rubio, 24, car was found abandoned on Jan. 28, 1999 at the Stoner Boat Launch in Shreveport. The 24-year-old mother of two had last been seen the night before with her ex-husband, Airman Jesse McGay, at Barksdale Air Force Base. Since then, numerous detectives have been assigned the case, but there have still been no breaks in the case. Anyone with information - no matter how small or insignificant it may seem - is asked to call Shreveport Police at 673-7020.

  • April Brown, 44, was last seen at her home in Mooringsport on July 6, 2001. Family members said April left home about 9:30 p.m. with an unknown male driving an early '90s model dark-colored Chevy Cavalier. The man she accompanied was described as white, about 6 feet tall and with brown hair over his ears and long side burns.

  • Patrick Tompkins Sr., 41, was last seen on Sept. 28, 2002 at his mother's home at 3316 Old Mooringsport Road in Shreveport. While there, he made statements that he "couldn't take it anymore." He then ran out the back of the home and fired two shots. He has not been seen since. Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is asked to call Detective Michael Carter with the Shreveport Missing Persons Bureau at 673-7020.

  • Ernest L. Franklin, 56, has not been seen since the night of Dec. 25, 2003. Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is asked to call Detective Michael Carter with the Shreveport Missing Persons Bureau at 673-7020.

  • Claiborne Parish

  • Rodney Capers, 36, of Homer, last seen July 14 walking near the intersection of state Highway 531 and U.S. Highway 79 in Minden. He was carrying a Bible and backpack.

  • Bossier City

  • Penelope M. Madanat, 23, of Bossier City, last seen leaving Cowboys nightclub -- now Rockin’ Rodeo -- on Oct. 26, 1991.

  • Darrell M. Wells, 31, of Bossier City, last seen on Dec. 25, 2001, after leaving his parents’ home in Bossier City. His pickup was found five days later in a Bossier City parking lot near the Shreveport-Barksdale Bridge.

  • Christopher M. Pierce, 18, last seen May 13, 2003, leaving work at the Taco Bell restaurant in the 4100 block of Barksdale Boulevard in his 1988 red Jeep pickup with Louisiana license plate W031965.

  • Bossier Parish

  • Clinton Nelson, 21, last was seen visiting friends Sept. 1 at a Princeton residence. He had moved from South Dakota to the Haughton area to stay with his father, his mother said. Nelson left behind a $2,000 paycheck and had no transportation, credit cards or financial means other than maybe a few dollars in cash.

  • Gregory Alonzo Vice, Jr., 23, of Princeton, last seen March 21, 2000, on state Highway 71 south of Bossier City. Detectives suspect foul play.

  • DeSoto Parish

  • Lurline Dewitt, 77, of Mansfield. Reported missing Sept. 27, 1996, after her son awoke to find her missing and a carport door open.

  • Syble Brumley, 76, of Mansfield. Was last seen April 28, 1997. Damage to the front door and items in disarray inside the house indicate she was taken by force.

  • Deshanna D. Gray, 28, also known as “DeeDee,” reported missing Nov. 22, 2000, from Logansport. Last seen getting into a truck with someone in the Japan Quarters.

  • Constance Anderson, 19, of South Mansfield. Reported missing Jan. 24. Last seen at her home. She left the house with her cell phone.

  • Natchitoches Parish

  • Wilson Demars, reported missing in June 1988 from Natchitoches Parish. Additional details are unavailable.

  • Kara Vaughn, 39, reported missing Nov. 11, 1993, from her mother’s residence in Natchitoches. Last seen in a 1978 Honda Civic with California license plates.

  • Michael Orsborn, 38, of Provencal. Last seen Jan. 31 about one mile from his residence. Car found in a ditch.

  • Red River Parish

  • Faye Aline Self, 26, of Coushatta, reported missing March 30, 1983. Last seen at Alice’s Wagon Wheel in Armistead. Her car was still in the parking lot the next day.

  • Webster Parish

  • Wilda Jean Cross, 39, of Sibley. Reported missing in March 1992 when she failed to meet her husband in Shreveport. Cross was a champion barefoot water skier.

Unsolved Mysteries
There is a 'Dead Zone', if you may, that stretches between Shreveport, Louisiana and Houston, Texas. In Harrison County, Texas, there are 28 missing women reported, along with the notice of at least 2 'serial-killers'. The ages of the victims range from nine to seventy-seven. 40% of the victims were last seen near convenience stores or convenience store phones. 75% of the victims vanished or were killed on weekends. Many law enforcement authorities believe the killer or killers may be 'stalking' convenience stores looking for females on pay phones, searching for rides.

Crime Search Inc.
The Missing Girls of Harris County, Texas MURDERED AND KIDNAPPED - Crime Activity Reports with Full color graphics - Violent Crime Map of the area provided in Full Reports - Crime Search Publishing - Houston Crime Index and More. The Best Crime Analysis of Crime Trends, Crime Patterns in the Business.

Missing Person Kimberly Norwood
Twelve year old Kimberly was last seen Saturday May 20, 1989 in Hallsville, Texas at about 5:15 p.m. by her friends as they were all walking home. She and her three friends split up approximately one mile from her home and she has not been seen since. Hallsville is in northeast Texas, not far from Shreveport, Louisiana.

Missing Child Morgan Nick - Alma, Arkansas
Abducted 9 June 1995 from Alma Ballpark in Alma, Arkansas. Its been over seven years since Morgan was taken from an Alma, Arkansas ball park.  We want to let you know we've not forgotten.

Murder In Arkansas - The Real Story
Justice For James Dale Stevens who was murdered on July 18, 1998.

Douglas Kirk - Missing From Arkansas
Classified as a mysterious, unsolved disappearance. Douglas was last seen driving a 1994 White Nissan Truck in Arkansas which was later discovered by The California Highway Patrol at a Flying J Truckstop located @ 42810 Frazier Mountain Park Road in Lebec, California. Site contains pictures of Doug, the vehicle and information on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Shreveport Police Missing Persons Page
Shreveport residents that have gone missing. Cases being investigated by The Shreveport Police Department.(Not all cases are shown)

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North American Missing Children's Association
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Missing On The Mean Streets - Canada
On April 14, 1998 my friend Sarah deVries vanished off the streets of the downtown eastside of Vancouver. Sarah was the fifth woman to go missing in 1998. By the end of December eleven women had vanished. In January of 1999 the number of women listed as missing by the Vancouver Police was Thirty-One. This website is dedicated to the memory of all the missing and murdered women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

Unsolved Cases
List of Unsolved Murders and Missing Persons Cases.

Loved Ones Lost
So many people have lost loved ones, never to be reunited. Is there someone out there you would like to find? This page is dedicated to helping bring people back together. If you send information on the person you wish to find, I will post it to my page. If you have a picture, send it also. Perhaps someone will see it that knows the person, and will get back to me.

Where is Carrie Culberson?
Carrie was last seen on August 28th, 1996 at 11:30pm by her mother in Blanchester, Ohio. The following morning Carrie's mother awoke to realize her daughter had vanished.

In Memory of Joshua Harris Telinda
ON JULY 1, 1998, Joshua Harris Telinda was MURDERED, the victim of teen violence. ON JULY 1, 1998, time stopped for all who loved Josh. All our hopes, dreams, and visions of future happiness were shattered. This memorial is a tribute to our first born grandson Josh, who was such a loving, kind, gentle and sensitive young man.

Gayle Marks


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This page is dedicated to the memory of Kristi Gwen O'Pry and all those stolen from the world by violent crime. No longer do we hear their laughter or see their smiles. Nothing can fill the emptiness that is left in us with their parting. Who will do the great things that they might have done? They can not be replaced. They can only be remembered ...

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More On Kristi's Disappearance . 1998 Inquisitor Article
Remembering Kristi, By Paige O'Pry . Poem By Amy O'Pry

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