Missing or Murdered?

By Beverly Hall, The Inquisitor Newspaper 11/11/98

Case History: Kristi O'Pry is a 28 year old white female with blond hair and blue eyes weighing approximately 115 pounds. She has been missing for two years. On Friday evening - July 19th, 1996 she was last seen with an acqaintance who claims he dropped her off at South Park Mall in Shreveport. Prior to her disappearance, she was wearing a short sleeved black mid-drift shirt, blue jeans and sandals. Her family has not heard from her since that time. If you have any information concerning her disappearance, please contact Bill Duncan with the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office (318) 226-6555.

The Loss of Kristi O'Pry, A Closer Look

Gut wrenching silence brings tears to the eyes of Kristi O'Pry's family. Terrifying questions and fears plague them daily. She's been missing since Friday July 19, 1996 and as of yet, no one has heard from her. Of course their worst fear is foul play, but they still cling to hope.

Several pieces of the puzzle to her disappearance are missing, so her tormented loved ones keep searching for the answers. Was she kidnapped by a stranger? Is she being held against her will by a demented person? Is she purposely running from something ... or someone? Is she dead? Numerous possibilities multiply faster than the questions can be answered. Dead-end "leads" add to the brick wall that prevents them from understanding or putting closure to the pain. Each senario must be considered when examining this case. Is it possible that she merely skipped town and found a new life? It's possible, but not probable. She left behind a beautiful daughter who not only depended on her but adored her. Kristi deeply loved and cherished her daughter more than anything. Her close friends knew this and doubt that it would be possible for her to leave behind such a treasured jewel. Many feel foul play is involved, but few are talking.

What kind of person is Kristi O'Pry? A dedicated and loving mother. One who can make friends in any crowd. She is respected by acquaintances from every social class, which she likes unbiasedly. Vivacious and opinionated, she rushes to the defense of those she cares about. Her angelic beauty almost undermines her inner strength - for her greatest beauty comes from within; revealing a lively, compassionate young lady ... qualities which could create envy or an irrational obsession from an insecure or delusional person. This is not a haughty assumption, but a major concern because her utmost flaw is that she trusts people too easily.

Almost everyone who hears a story about a missing person, abduction or the gripping horrors of murder can sympathize with the loved ones involved. To you, it's easy to understand the importance of locating her. But to the person who knows what happened to Kristi, rationale may not be clear.

Who would hide such secrets? Three reasons quickly come to mind, but none of which serve as a sound excuse: If the person is a close friend, they may be afraid to speak out. To the average stranger, it might be because they don't want to get involved. If foul play has occurred, it's for concealment purposes. The search for information will continue until she is found.

Whoever holds the key to her whereabouts can put an end to the fear and suffering of her family. Coming forward with pertinent information of her location would not only bring relief and closure to those who love her, but it's the right thing to do. Our readers are urged to please call if you see her or if you can reaveal her location. Those who loved or knew her are asked to get involved also.

Dedicated family members have brought both national and local attention to this case. Numerous flyers were posted, a web page was created and news media abroad have covered the story. After it was aired on the Geraldo Show, several leads followed it's broadcast, yet too many details are lacking. Several psychics have reviewed the clues and believe that Kristi was murdered by someone who knew her. To this day, no confirmation of this theory has been made.

To speculate in this direction seems implausible to those who care for her, because of the bonds she shared with her close friends ... but not all together out of the question. Profiles reveal that if this has occurred, the lunatic might have been an aquaintance, but shared an Insignificant role in her life. She may have become the object of obsession to a weak individual who lacks control of his or her own life. Abduction or worse may be this deranged person's only way of approach to emotional challenges. Surely if this is the case, one would eventually realize that the constant fear of discovery will always rule. Whatever the reason for her disappearance, time will tell, according to psychics reviewing the case.

Information of Location = $ Reward $

New leads indicate that several may hold facts surrounding her disappearance but it's too early to tell if this is true. In the past, tips offered came from unreliable sources who were possibly thrill seekers hoping to cash in on some dough or lead the investigation astray. Loyalty is another tricky matter which prevented progress in the past, however recent claims indicate that several key people may have just the information needed to claim the reward.

Detectives urge those calling (anonymous or otherwise) to please be specific when reporting tips. It's imperative that facts such as places, names and other indentifiers are as detailed as possible. They are anxious to help the family bring closure to this case, and are willing to work with individuals who can clarify her location. Because of the sensitive nature of this matter, the privacy of those wishing to remain anonymous will be protected.

There is a reward for information of her location or the arrest and conviction of the individual involved if homicide is a factor. Callers wishing to remain anonymous may do so, and any tips offered will be greatly appreciated. If calling long distance from within the state of Louisiana call 1-800-640-3091.

Remembering Kristi by Paige O'Pry

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