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Comet 103HPQ Clutch

Kawasaki High Performance


Comet 103HPQ Clutch

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30mm - 1:10 Tapered
Engages at approx 2650 RPM.
203473A Pink Spring, 215400A1 Cam Arms

Ready to install. Better top end by an increased pulley diameter. Consistent shift characteristics. This is a calibrated clutch for Kawasaki ATV's. Each clutch has (3) 215400A1 cam arms and (1) 203473A pink spring which is the suggested calibration for normal altitudes below 4,000 feet. Calibrated for stock set up machines and will disable engine braking option. The 103 HPQ clutch is specifically designed for use on the quad platform. The 103 HPQ allows for a quicker shift out and a greater top end speed. The gains in the 103HPQ ATV clutch is in the larger diameter pulley and the greater sheave angles, giving more ratio and less wear on the belt and sheave faces. Greater degree angle of sheaves allows less resistance of moveable sheave allowing smoother up shift because the moveable face is pushing the belt instead of pinching the belt to the outer diameter of the clutch. With greater degree of angle less cam arm weight is required, causing less wear on belt, pulley faces and cam arm bearings. Also faster back shifting which reduces sheave wear on the driven unit because you do not have as much torsional tension to over come the weights in the drive system. Reported performance enhancements of 25% over the OEM clutch with performance kits is typical. The transition from high performance snowmobile drive systems to ATV is a natural one for COMET, who is an industry leader in drive systems, and the largest manufacturer of Aftermarket clutches in the world. Snowcross and oval snowmobile racers have relied on COMET clutch superiority for years and COMET currently sponsors 3 snowmobile world-class race teams. Success with the COMET 103HPQ High Performance Clutch was a piece of news that spread quickly in the ATV drag racing circuit.

Clutch #219118A Fits Kawasaki

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