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Comet Clutch Lube

Comet GP-730A Lubricant

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Comet Dry Film Lube
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Extend Clutch life by freeing it of belt dust. 11oz.

Comet GP-730A Dry Film Lubricant works wonders for clutch systems. Belt driven torque converter driver clutches and driven pulleys found in snowmobiles, ATV's, mini bikes, utility vehicles, go karts, etc., like most mechanical devices, do require a schedule of regular preventative maintenance; this includes CLEANING and re-LUBRICATION. Equipment operated in DUSTY, MUDDY, or SANDY conditions need more intensive care and frequent lubrication . . . maybe even after every use, depending on the application. Clutch and driven units, even if not exposed to such extreme conditions, still require a lubrication that will perform reliably without "breaking down", one that will not "sling away", one that will withstand the many thousands of pounds per square inch of the centrifugal and torque pressure and one that will perform equally well on a variety of friction surfaces such as the plastic guide buttons, steel rollers and pins, steel ramps and counter weights, fiber and metal bushings, etc. The wear problems frequently attendant in this type of equipment are compounded by any lubricant capable of attracting dust, dirt, sand, etc. Even belt dust and metal particles resulting from the driver clutch and driven units' own wear will be trapped and accumulated in any kind of moist lubricant including oils, grease, anti-seizing compounds and the popular lubrication/water-displacing agents supposedly dry, but actually leave a "waxy" residue. Use of any such lubricant tends to trap this foreign matter, resulting in formation of a "cutting compound" type of abrasive action as well as a sticking and gumming action. A genuine dry lubricant will prevent this while increasing operating efficiency and part life too.

Specially formulated for the unusual requirements of torque converter systems operating in dusty-dirty-sandy situations. Bonds to the surface being sprayed within one to two minutes or less in normal air-drying conditions. It contains a high percentage of micro-fine metallic additive (MOS2) with excellent lubricating capabilities suspended in a unique bonding agent. It will not "dust away" or dislodge and bonding occurs without heating or baking. Even under sliding pressure it actually bonds to most ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as to plastics, fibrous, wood, glass, rubber and many other friction surfaces. It greatly enhances effectiveness of normal lubricants applied over it. It's non-corrosive, inert to water, oil and many acids, solvents and alkalis. It contains no oil, grease, wax or silicone; it will not attract dust or dirt. Greatly lowers metal to metal contact and thus reduces power consumption and torque loss. A nozzle extension tube is provided with each can to concentrate and focus the spray, reducing waste.

Temperature Service Range: -300 degrees F (-184 C) to + 700 degrees F (+371 C)

Wear gloves. Avoid ALL contact with skin and fingernails. Never apply indoors, use outdoors only.

Indicators of a torque converter system requiring cleaning and lubrication are erratic or jerky engagement upon acceleration and a tendency to apparently "lock" into a particular speed (a second cause of jerky engagement is an excessively loose drive chain). If either one of these conditions exist service the unit immediately. Both driver and driven pulleys should be disassembled and cleaned. SEE ILLUSTRATION BELOW.


Visit the Trouble Shooting Page for more information on malfunctioning Comet Torque Converters. Belts eventually wear over time but a damaged or torn up drive belt always indicates that a problem exists with the system. Only replace your drive belt after the problem has been corrected. Components must be clean, lubricated and perfectly aligned to function properly.

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