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How To Identify

Comet Torque Converters

3-18hp Go Karts and Mini Bikes

Comet Industries Belts

Number on Belt

Part Number


Belt Top Width

883 -



5/8" Symmetric

993 -



5/8" Asymmetric

884 -


20 Series

3/4" Symmetric

994 -


30 Series

3/4" Asymmetric

40 -


40/44 Series

7/8" Symmetric

Comet Torque Converter Belt Styles

Identify the belt number stamped on the top width, if legible. Identify the Shape. A V shaped belt indicates the unit is a TC88, 20, 40 or 44 Series - SYMMETRICAL Type. If the angles of each side of the belt are different, almost flat on one side - 2 1/2 degrees and angled 18 degrees on the other side, you have a 30 Series or an older CAT99 Series - ASYMMETRICAL Type.

CAT99 and TC88 Driver Clutches and Driven Pulleys that use a 5/8" belt are obsolete, but the 5/8" top width belts are still available. Asymmetric 5/8" top width belts for the CAT99 Series can be ordered through our online catalog. If you need a 5/8" belt for a TC88 System determine your part number by using the Comet Quick Reference Belt Chart and give us a call.

A damaged belt is a symptom of another problem. Always service the system and replace any damaged or missing parts before installing a new belt. The components must be clean and perfectly aligned to work properly. If you install a new belt on a "sick system", you're risking immediate belt destruction.

Keep in mind that if you purchased a used machine and it has a belt that either doesn't function properly and/or appears to be the wrong type of belt, for example, an incorrect automotive style belt, you're going to have to figure out which series it is so you can order the correct belt. Determine the exact series, measure the outer diameter of the driven pulley and measure the center distance. That's the only way to determine the correct belt. Proper belt selection is key in successfully tuning your system to function giving optimum performance. Should your machine's center distance between the crankshaft and the jackshaft fall between the center distance (C.D.) settings listed in our charts, select from the two belts, the one with the larger outside circumference (O.C.) for best wear and to avoid machine "creep" during idling.

Symmetric and Asymmetric

Comet 30 Series Asymmetric Torque Converter

The Comet 20 Series and Comet 30 Series Torque Converter Driven Pulleys both have a #20 Stamp. This Stamp does not determine the series type, ignore it completely. It's the degree of the angle of the component. Asymmetric Systems have all the working parts on the same side. Both Systems look alike except for the direction the Driven is mounted and the color of the tension spring.

Asymmetric Set Up

30 Series Driven

Symmetric Set Up

Comet Torque Converter

Rear View Of Driven Units

Torque Converter Systems

Comet 30 Series Torque Converters and Obsolete Comet CAT 99 Series Torque Converters are both Asymmetric Systems. Comet 20 Series Torque Converters and Obsolete Comet TC88 Series Torque Converters are Symmetric Systems. Comet 20 and 30 Series use 3/4" Top Width Belts. Comet TC88 and CAT99 use 5/8" Top Width Belts.

Torque Converters 8 to 18hp

Symmetric Comet 40 Series

Comet 40 Series Torque Converter

Symmetric Comet 44 Magnum

Comet 44 Series Torque Converter

Comet 40 and 44 both use 7/8" Top Width Belts

Buttons and Spring Color

Comet Insert Button
Driven with 3 Buttons
Button looks like this

Comet Insert Buttons
Driven with 6 Buttons
Button looks like this



Spring Color

Number of Buttons


Pre 1986 Black Spring

3 Cam Buttons

20 Series

1986-92 Black Spring

3 Cam Buttons

20 Series

Blue Tension Spring

6 Cam Buttons

40/44 Series

Red Tension Spring

3 Cam Buttons



Spring Color

Number Of Buttons


Pre 1986 Red Spring

3 Cam Buttons

30 Series

1986-92 Red Spring

3 Cam Buttons

30 Series

Green Tension Spring

6 Cam Buttons

Driven Pulley Information


Identify the Driven Pulley

Measure the Post on the Fixed Face

Comet Torque Converter ID

Continue through the site to learn more about Comet Torque Converters. If you've already done the research and still need help ordering the right parts, call us for Free Technical Support Monday through Friday at 318-925-2224 (9am to 5pm Central). Please have specs and details ready before you call.