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Comet Torque Converters

Comet Clutches | Comet Belts | Comet Parts

Comet Torque Converters - Made in the USA. Comet Clutches, Comet Drive Belts and Comet Clutch Parts. Genuine Comet Clutches and Comet Belts for most brands of go karts and mini bikes. Comet 30 Series, Comet 20 Series, Comet 40 Series, Comet 44 Series, Comet 500 Series, Comet 780 Series, Comet 94C Duster Clutches, Comet TAV2 Complete Kits for 3hp to 8hp Engines and Comet 103HPQ Kawasaki High Performance ATV Clutches. Comet CVT Parts - Comet Industries USA.

Factory Authorized Distributor

Go Karts with Tires Taller than 15" Require a Torque Converter

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