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Comet Speed Limiter

For 20 and 30 Series

Speed Limiter

Comet Speed Limiter
Comet Speed Reducer

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Genuine Comet Speed Limiter for Comet 20 Series and Comet 30 Series Torque Converters. The Comet Speed Limiter is the answer to control speed when inexperienced drivers get behind the wheel. Reduces speed by up to 50%, down to as low as 12 to 15 miles per hour. Comet Industries USA.

Speed Limiter
Adjustment Procedure

(1) Remove the bolt holding the primary pulley onto the crankshaft. (2) Remove the cover and moveable sheave from the splined sleeve. (3) Remove the zinc shoes from the moveable hub. Note: flat sides of the shoes face the belt, cone sides face the cover. (4) To reduce top speed, screw the nuts in towards the shoes. For higher allowable ratio, partially unscrew the nuts. Be careful to leave the nylon patch in contact with the screw threads to prevent the nuts from vibrating off. 3/8" is the maximum safe travel that the shoes can have.

Important: The nuts must be of equal dimension from stop. (5) Clean all dust and debris from the inside of the pulley cover and moveable sheave. (6) Lubricate with Molybdenum Disulfide, PTFE // Max-Torque or Comet Spray Lube. (7) Slide the speedlimiting shoes onto the hub on the moveable sheave. (8) Slide the moveable sheave back onto the splined sleeve. (9) Install the cover on the splined sleeve, being careful to align the "double-D" in the cover with the "double-D" on the splined sleeve (double-D on the 3/4" bore size only). (10) Install and tighten the mounting bolt with flat and lock washers.

Easily installed under the driver pulley cover, the Speed Limiter is the answer for control when inexperienced drivers get behind the wheel. Adjustable in minutes to varying degrees of sheave separation, the drive pulley travel is limited to achieve the desired ground speed. Output speed is reduced to any safe value! Designed for use with Comet 20 and 30 Series Torque Converter Systems.

Top Speed Calculation

To determine top speed with the speed limiter, plug the variables into the equation below.

Oc = Governed Speed ______ (RPM)

T1 = Number of Teeth on Small Sprocket ______

T2 = Number of teeth on Large Sprocket ______

Rr = Rolling Radius of Driving Tires ______In.

Ncvt = CVT Ratio ___________________

Top Vehicle Speed (mph) =

(Oc) x (1/Ncvt) x (T1/T2) x (Rr) x (0.0059)

Most engines are governed at 3600 RPM. If the governed engine speed is not known, a good approximation is 3600 RPM. The highest possible speed ratios with the speed limiter are:

6" driven pulley, Ncvt = 2.3 : 1

7" driven pulley, Ncvt = 3.0 : 1

These calulations give an approximate result, depending on belt size, shaft spacing, etc.

Torque Values for 3/8" and 5/16" Bolts: Torque 3/8-24 Grade 5 Hardware to 35 Foot Pounds. Torque 5/16-24 Grade 5 Hardware to 19 Foot Pounds.

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