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Go Kart Chain Lube

MFR Chain Lubricant


MFR Chain Lube

MFR Chain Lube


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State-of-the-art "MFR" technology can change the way you think about lubrication for go kart chain, mini bike chain, motorcycle and bicycle chains, gear boxes, cables, automotive applications, sporting equipment, woodworking, heavy machinery, and more. It provides unsurpassed metal-to-metal friction reduction without the use of solids like Teflon, Moly or Graphite.

This thin-bodied lubricant carries MFR molecules to critical stress points, treating the metal itself to provide an exceptionally strong, wear resistant surface. In addition, MFR provides a lower co-efficient of friction to reduce stretching and wear - and that means extended chain life. Directions on can, use as directed.

It sheds dirt, mud and abrasives, repels moisture and reduces oxidation/corrosion. Disperses water and resists wash-off. Will not build up or get tacky. Smoother shifting, quieter drive train, longer chain and sprocket life, less time spent cleaning drive train. Lasts two to three times longer than other lubes. Contains no fluorocarbons. MFR also enhances seal life on "O" ring chains, preventing them from drying, cracking and deterioration.

Clean all other lubricants off chain first to ensure optimum metal treatment. Apply enough MFR Chain Lube to completely cover the entire chain. The chain may appear dry after run-in; however, it does not need to be retreated. Excessive application will not cause build-up. MFR Chain Lube will protect the chain from corrosion during storage in all but extreme temperatures.

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